13.4. General

This page describes the syntax of «meta.json» file which is a part of NextGIS Formbuilder project file (with «.ngfp» extension). The file uses the JSON specification rules and is encoded in UTF-8.

13.5. Syntax

Example of the «meta.json» file:

   "fields" : [
         "datatype" : "INTEGER",
         "display_name" : "Amount of objects",
         "keyname" : "amount"
         "datatype" : "REAL",
         "display_name" : "Size of area",
         "keyname" : "area"
         "datatype" : "STRING",
         "display_name" : "Comments",
         "keyname" : "comments"
   "geometry_type" : "POINT",
   "ngw_connection" : {
      "id" : 40,
      "login" : "admin",
      "password" : "strongpassword",
      "url" : "http://mikhail.nextgis.com"
   "srs" : {
      "id" : "4326"
   "version" : "2.1"

The root of the file has a json-object type and consists of the following pairs:

<json array fields:
 The list of the layer fields. Fully corresponds to the NextGIS Web fields description syntax.
<json string geometry_type:
 Layer’s geometry type. Fully corresponds to the NextGIS Web list of geometry types.
<json jsonobj ngw_connection:
 All required parameters to connect to selected NextGIS Web layer. Note: if there was no NextGIS Web layer selected for this project - this value will be null.
<json jsonobj srs:
 Layer’s Spatial Reference System. Fully corresponds to the NextGIS Web SRS description syntax.
<json string version:
 Format version of the Formbuilder project file.