15.1. General

This page describes the syntax of «form.json» file which is a part of NextGIS Formbuilder project file (with «.ngfp» extension). The file uses the JSON specification rules and is encoded in UTF-8.

15.2. Syntax

Example of the «form.json» file which represents a form with two elements for entering person’s name:

    "attributes" : {
       "text" : "Person"
    "type" : "text_label"
    "attributes" : null,
    "type" : "space"
    "attributes" : {
       "field" : "researcher",
       "last" : true,
       "max_string_count" : 1,
       "ngid_login" : false,
       "ngw_login" : false,
       "only_figures" : false,
       "text" : "John Smith"
    "type" : "text_edit"

All elements are always arranged vertically on the form in a strict order, so the root of the file is an array of objects.

<json jsonobj attributes:
 Contains several pairs where each name can only be one of the reserved attribute’s keynames. The set of pairs depends on the type of the element. Note: if the element has no attributes the null value is correct.
<json string type:
 Can only be one of the reserved elem’s keynames.

15.3. Elements